Don't panic! Many homes may require an alternate setup due how your internet was originally installed. 

Instead, try connecting via our backup wifi network using the following instructions:

First- Restore all wires back to original configuration, and remove Chinanetspeed completely. Confirm local internet access is restored

Second - Connect a single internet cable from your router LAN port DIRECTLY into Chinanetspeed port. (Do NOT use the USB ethernet attachment. Please set aside for future use)

Finally, look for the CHINANETSPEED-XXXXX wifi network using the Login and password details found on your account page. Please note that the built-in wifi is NOT intended for long-term use as the maximum speed is significantly slower (30Mbps vs. 200Mbps). You'll receive much better performance if you connect your own wifi router.

The reason for the backup installation is due to something called a PPPoE login. This is specific login/password that is used by your internet company to identify you on their network, and activate your line with internet. 

However, when the original technician who installed your home’s internet, he can choose to place in one of two options:
  1. ISP modem
  2. Personal Wifi router

There are advantages/disadvantages of both options, but in your case, it looks like they placed it on your personal wifi router requiring the backup installation method. For best performance, we recommend the purchase of a 2nd wifi router to extend your network. Nothing fancy needed - just 129RMB to buy a state-of-the art unit